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The Central Mosque of Lisbon is the main mosque of the Portuguese Islamic community.It is located at Rua da Mesquita, near Praça de Espanha, in Lisbon.

Like most mosques, four areas can be distinguished there, the entrance, the prayer room (on which a dome is raised), the madrasa (Islamic school) and the minaret.

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We need individuals who, in a free, disinterested and responsible way, commit themselves, according to their aptitudes and in their free time, to develop voluntary actions in favor of the community.


To act as a volunteer is to have an ideal for doing well, which is based on a relationship of solidarity translated into free in the exercise of the activity, providing unpaid services for the benefit of the community.

To be a volunteer is also to have convergence and harmonization with the interests of CIL and Portuguese culture and values.

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20.08.2020 / 01.01.1442

New Logo

Presentation of the new CIL logo, placing in the foreground the iconic look of the CIL monument, which is the Central Mosque of Lisbon, with the iconography of the Minaret the Dome making the institution easily identified.

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